League shooting is a very big part of what goes on at Boxhorn. To keep it interesting and fun for our league shooters, we classify our leagues based upon the shooter's skill, enabling everyone to enjoy the competition more, by competing against other shooters with similar skills. 

You can shoot for your league score any time the club is open

As a league participants you can shoot for your league score any time the club is open, and you are welcome to shoot practice rounds at any time.

Some teams choose to shoot on the same night in order to enjoy the camaraderie that comes with trap shooting with friends. Other teams shoot whenever they can fit it into their schedule and still enjoy the camaraderie found around the club with other members and guests. 

Our Seasonal Leagues

  • Spring leagues start in March and April.
  • Summer leagues start the Tuesday closest to April 15th (except for Summer II and Sporting Clays leagues)
  • Fall leagues start the last week of August and finish before gun deer season
  • Winter leagues start at the end of November