Spring League

It's great to get back outdoors again in the spring, and Boxhorn is one of the great outdoor places for a shooter.

Spring 3-5 Man Teams

We shoot 50 targets per week.

Starts February 21st and will be a 7 week League. You may shoot up to 3 weeks ahead. League fee is $15 for this spring league. League will end on April 9th.

2018 Spring 3 Man League

Spring 5 Stand League

3 -5 man teams

10 week League

50 targets a week

Starts: February 21st

Ends: April 29th

2018 5 Stand Leauge

Spring Adult/Child League

25 targets per week

Starts February 21st

Ends April 8th

7 Week League

2018 Adut/Child League