Summer Leagues

There are plenty of league shooting opportunities during the summer at Boxhorn, and embers are invited to join as many leagues as they wish.

Sportsman League

Our largest league - over 700 shooters - has a division for shooters of every skill level. These are 6 person teams where we drop the lowest score each week. Members can shoot ahead up to 4 weeks to accommodate vacations or business commitments. The league fee is $12 per person and trophies are provided.

Youth League

We encourage our community youth to shoot at our club. Youth members shoot at the reduced rate of $5 per round Our youth league is 16 weeks long,  As with most of our adult leagues, youth may shoot any day they like.

Handicap League

This is a 16 week league that will change a little each week. You start at the 20 yard line and will move back each week until you get to the 27 yard line. Then you will shoot the 27 again and move back forward to the 20. That will get in your 16 weeks.

Parent-Child League

Another great opportunity for youth shoters

Another great opportunity for youth shoters is to shoot with their parent in a similar league that also lasts 20 weeks.

Police & Fire League

Many of the local Police and Fire departments shoot in this league. It is open to any police or fire employee and is run like the Sportsman league. This league has a shoot-off for top teams in September along with a party. There is no league fee for this league.

Sporting Clays League

Our summer sporting clays league is a 16 week long individual league. Each member shoots 50 targets per week. The course is reset each week to keep every week interesting.

This is a great league for sportsman who enjoy a challenge. We set the course at a level 5 on a 1-10 scale (10 being the hardest). The league fee is $12 with a cost of $18 per week. An additional $3 Lewis can be paid for an interesting way to win back some money.

Summer II League

This is a 12 week league starting June 10th. Members shoot 50 targets per week what is a great league for those who prefer to start shooting a little later in the season. This league shoots in 3-person teams and the league fee is $12 per person.

Doubles League

We throw doubles every day we are open. This is a great league for the ATA shooter who wants to get the registered targets in for the State shoot. League fee is $12 per person.

Wobble League

This is an 20 week league where members shoot 25 targets per week from the 18 yard line. This league shoots in 3-person teams and the league fee is $12 per person.

Couples League

This is a great "date night" league, and a way to encourage a spouse or significant other to join in this great hobby. The league is 20 weeks long. League fee is $12 per shooter.

Lesson League

For the very affordable league fee of $30 (plus targets and shells) participants will shoot two rounds of trap (50 targets) with lessons throughout.

The lessons are geared to the newer shooter or those who shoot less than 20 targets per round. All lessons are taught by our very own, Bryon Fennig.

Summer lessons will start on Tuesday nights in the early summer.